Deodorant - Blue - Men's & Women's - 113g / 4oz

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  • 114 g (4 oz)
  • 56 g (2 oz) Travel Tin




I'm really happy with the product - it smells nice, feels nice to use, and actually works better than the manufactured anti-antiperspirants I am trying to replace.

The product aside - shipping was insanely quick (delivered in 1-2 business days) and a hand-written note on my invoice as a result of a minor mix-up put a smile on my face. Absolutely no complaints and I will definitely be making another order.

Thanks for doing what you do!


    Fitness Instructor, Runner, and Travel Abroad

    I have been using your product for almost 2 years and I love it, it did not take long for my body to become adjusted to the natural product and I am a fitness instructor, runner and I travel abroad to tropical countries for 3 to 6 months a year so I really put your product to the test and it works amazingly.

    Thanks again for making such a great product.

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      Deodorant - Blue - Men's & Women's - 113g / 4oz

      Deodorant - Blue - Men's & Women's - 113g / 4oz

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