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You are beautiful...

This is why you choose only the best natural ingredients to nourish your body. In choosing our products, you let us know that our efforts to make the very best natural skin and body care products are important to you...and in choosing Riverstone Studios - Eco-Body Care, you help support our family. This is why we would like to give back to you with URBeautyfull Rewards.

Life is Simple.

No cards. No emails. No Apps. No strings. It's simple! Every time you purchase a product, you receive URBeautyfull Reward points (4% on every dollar). Use them on your next purchase or save them up. Share us with your friends and earn more points. See below for details.

Why Beautyfull?

Because you are the change for this generation. The fact that you found our site tells us that you are choosing to live a full life...and we want to encourage you to live Beauty-FULL. Be FULL of joy, be FULL of love, be FULL of acceptance, and be FULL of natural beauty. You are Beautiful and there is nothing synthetic about you.

UR Beautyfull Thank You

How does it work?

Every time you place an order online from our e-store, you automatically receive URBeautyfull Reward Points worth 4% of the value (before taxes) of all the products you purchased. These points can be used for any future purchases on our e-store. The next time you place an order, in your cart summary at checkout, you will see a line showing how many points your current order is worth along with how many accumulated points you have available to use. Save Em or use Em, the choice is yours. If you want to use them, simply enter how many points you wish to use in the "Reward Points" box and click OK. Your page will refresh and the points will be shown as a discount on your total.

Check out summary - URBeautyfull Rewards

Any points you accumulate on your current order will be added to your account automatically once your current order is processed. If your order is canceled or revised, the points accumulated from that particular order will also be canceled or adjusted accordingly.

If you like our products and think what we are doing is pretty super duper, share us with other people you know. If you refer a friend using our referral program and your friend makes a purchase on our e-store, both you and your friend will receive 2500 URBeautyfull Reward Points worth $10.00. Just be sure your friend remembers to use your registered email address as the referral email when they make an account otherwise neither person receives the points and unfortunately, we can't change it after the fact.

How To Share What We Do - Tell a Friend...

If you want to share us with other people you know, scroll to the bottom of this website page and click on "My Account". After logging in you will be on a page with options for your account settings. Here you should see a link to "Tell A Friend". Click on the link to open the following page:

URBeautyfull Referral Program 

1. Enter in your friend's first and last name along with their email address

2. If you want to enter another friend, click the green + button to add another line

3. Once done, click the "SUBMIT" button to send a personalized email from us to your friend with a link for them to follow.  If any of your friends are already customers, they won't be eligible to be a referral for you under the registered email address.

4. Once the emails are sent, you will see a list of your friends who received personalized emails from us. The status lets you know if they have responded to the invitation yet or not. If they choose to place an order with us, you'll be sent a notification email letting you know you both qualify for the $10 bonus.

5. Curious to see what kind of email gets sent to your friend? Click the link to see a preview of the template

How To Check Your Points...

If you want to check how many URBeautyfull Reward Points you have or are pending, scroll to the bottom of this website page until you see "My Account" Click on that link to open the page with all your account info and select "URBeatyfull Rewards".

The Fine Print (or Legal Mumble Jumble)...

URBeautyfull Reward Points is a way we've chosen to give back to you as a thank you for supporting our family business. As such, URBeautyfull Reward Points hold no cash surrender value and may only be redeemed as a discount on future purchases from our online store.

Our crystal ball is broken so we're going to go ahead and say that we simply don't know what the future looks like. As a result of this, we reserve the right to cancel the URBeautyfull Reward program at our discretion. If we do have to cancel the program for any reason, we promise to notify you with an email letting you know that the program will end with at least one month's notice so that you may use up any existing points. 

We also hold the right to make any and all changes to the program without notice including changing rebate percentages or points given for referrals.